Muscat given final warning

Last updated : 19 September 2003 By Neil Andrews
Kevin Muscat
Millwall Football Club today fined Kevin Muscat for deliberately stamping on an opponent and warned him if it happens again he will be sacked.

Muscat was sent off last Saturday after an altercation with Danny Webber of Watford and has since been the target of a hate campaign by fans and the media alike. But Millwall are unrepentant over their stance.

Millwall Chief Executive Ken Brown stated: "Kevin's actions at Watford were totally unacceptable, and we have made him aware that such behaviour will not be tolerated by this football club.

Kevin has been issued with a final written warning, confirming that any repeat of such a deliberate unprovoked, off-the ball incident will result in his instant dismissal.

He has also accepted a fine in excess of the contractual maximum of two weeks acknowledging the serious nature of his actions.

Kevin now wishes to put this matter behind him and has pledged that his future conduct, both on and off the field, will demonstrate his responsibilities as a professional footballer with Millwall Football Club. As far as the club is concerned, this matter is now closed.”