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FootballMindÒ is a new national cup competition for football fans, sponsored by Nationwide. The aim is to find each club’s and then the country’s most knowledgeable fan.

Round 1 entry lines are open from Saturday 23rd August to Monday 15th September. The competition starts with quite easy questions and then runs in knockout stages all the way through to the grand FootballMindÒ Final on May 8th 2004.

Every fan that reaches Round 3 gets to compete on network radio – on the Nationwide Matchday Programme which is broadcast every Saturday afternoon on the Capital Gold Network and Century Radio Network - presented by Marcus Buckland.

All football fans are invited to enter Round 1 - just call 09065 541 442 or text ‘play’ space ‘club name’ to 83222 (eg PLAY CREWE) or go to (If you know how old Wayne Rooney is; what number Beckham’s wearing at Real Madrid and the number of clubs in the Premiership then you’ll find Round 1 a doddle…and be on your way into Round 2.)

Entry costs: - to cover the administration costs of each individual entrant, round 1 entry via text costs £3, via phone £3 (average), via £2.00. (Less than a pint and a packet of crisps at your local!)

FootballMindÒ questions get a little bit harder each round and are designed to test real football knowledge. So, for example, if you know that Millwall beat Oldham 2-0 in the last game of the 2000/2001 season to finish Div 2 Champions, then you could be the sort to go all the way to the final and even be crowned FootballMindÒ Champion 2004.

FootballMind HomePlayÒ : - Running once a week, for the duration of the radio stages of FootballMindÒ , FootballMind HomePlayÒ questions will be available to play through the internet, SMS and phone. At various stages throughout the competition the best HomePlay scorers will win wild card places through to the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds of the main competition.

Prizes: - Every one of the 92 ‘club champions’ (all Round 3 qualifiers) each win their chosen club’s replica shirt.

The FootballMindÒ Cup will be awarded in May 2004 to the national FootballMindÒ Champion. (He or she will also receive tickets to watch the England squad train and an exclusive pair of FA Cup final tickets)

Here’s how the FootballMindÒ Cup works: -

Round 1 entries open Sat 23rd Aug to Mon 15th Sep

Four week initial entry period when you can enter three ways:

1.Go to

2.SMS – text ‘Play’ space ‘club name’ (eg PLAY LIVERPOOL) to 83222

3.Telephone 09065 541 442

You will be asked 3 quite easy questions and if you score well, you will be given a unique code number, which gives you access into Round 2.

Round 2 entries open Sat 20th Sep to Sat 4th Oct

Have your unique code at hand and enter by calling 09065 541 442 between September 20th and October 4th. You will be asked a ‘Fastest FootballMind FirstÒquestion which will separate the very best FootballMindsÒ from the rest, and produce the 92 FootballMindÒ Club Champions who go on to the radio for Round 3.

Round 3 radio shows run from Sat 11th Oct to 17th Jan

Round 3 and onwards is hosted every Saturday 12pm to 2pm on the Nationwide Matchday Programme, on the Capital Radio Group stations, by Marcus Buckland. Who will emerge in May 2004 as the national FootballMindÒ Champion?

Three contestants per show; a specialist subject round and a general knowledge round.

Round 4 radio shows run from 24th Jan to 20th Mar

The Quarter Finals:- 27th Mar to Apr 17th

The quarter finals and onwards will feature only two contestants per show, leaving the country’s best 8 football minds to battle it out head to head - at the end of which the overall winner will be crowned FootballMindÒ Champion 2004, and awarded the FootballMindÒ Cup.

The Semi Finals: - 24th Apr and May 1st

The Grand Final: - May 8th

More information: - FootballMindÒ is sponsored by the Nationwide Building Society who also sponsor the FA Cup and the England team. FootballMindÒ is managed and owned by 86 Developments, a division of 86 Ltd. For more information go to

Enquiries to:

Reema Babakhan and Craig Morrison at 86PR

TELEPHONE. 020 7229 1958