Mark McGhee; Genius or just stupid?

Last updated : 22 August 2002 By MMc1
So, Christophe Kinet is back at the Den after being released 7 weeks ago! Now the question has to be asked ... is this a stroke of genius on Mark McGhee's part in bringing back fans favourite, Kinet or did has he realised what a a mistake he has made by releasing 3 first teamers after the clubs worst start in 25 years?

We all know the left side of the pitch has never been the Lions strongpoint, but did the Millwall Supremo really think that Steven Reid with Peter Sweeny for cover was going to be enough to mount a promotion push? All of this hoo-ha, about having no money to offer new deals and we end up signing up one of those released in the summer!

This is just one in a long list of strange decisions McGhee has been making lately, next on the list would have to be the loan move of promising youngster Leke Odunsi to Colchester United. On one hand he's complaining about having such a small squad and in the other he's letting players go on loan for a season!

All I can say is I think Mr McGhee might be starting to crack, or I could be wrong and this is all part of an elaborate plan to win the league by tricking our rivals into a false sense of security? Somehow ... I think not! Nevertheless welcome back Christophe and lets hope we can get a win against Ipswich on Saturday. C'mon you Lions!